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The purpose of this Blog and what I’ll be publishing here

This Blog’s main purpose is to help and/or entertain anyone who comes across its content, its secondary purpose may or may not be to help me pass time and find a place for the things I code in my free time. I will be using it for my own amusement and self-teching goals, but if you find any of the things posted here useful that’s also great!

I will be publishing short code snippets and solutions for entertainment purposes and explore dumb or interesting ideas, I may also have a very big tutorial series later (I’m still not sure I’m short on free time), write blogs about different subjects related to development and tech that I find interesting (those might be more common as tutorials may take me a bit more time to produce).

Who the H am I?

My name is Charlie and I’ve been developing software for about 10 years and I’ve been working professionally for almost 7 of those as of writing this entry (05/01/2019). Even though I am not allowed to disclose project code for most of my work, below you can find what I’ve developed for different customers and companies, as a full-time employee or as a consultant.

My official Corporate, Personal & Freelancing experience

Latin America’s RateMyProfessor (WikiProfes)

This is my latest personal project, a website designed and built from the ground up with the idea to facilitate the search and evaluation of teachers for students located across Latin America (Starting with my Uni). Built with an ‘enterprise grade’ vision of the system with blue/green deployment, AWS cloud infrastructure, SCRUM dev methodology, and GitFlow as versioning methodology. My biggest project to date with over 100 registered students, 21K page views and 4.5K user visits and 500+ teacher reviews in the first 3 weeks.

Fullstack Engineer at FindTech

current remote consulting job

I’m working as a full-stack and UI & UX consultant developer, mainly developing new Vue components that interact with new API endpoints, components like in-frontend editing, profile picture components, social linking, etc. I also developed other software solutions like web scrapers for internal use by the company’s staff, I’ve had the chance to work with amazingly talented people in a fully remote manner and learned a lot from them.

JS request benchmark script & Several Scraping Scripts (freelace)

Last year (2018) I had a break from corporate and gave freelance and consulting a try at freelancer and as an independent contractor, I made several scripts (it seems to be one of the most ‘on demand’ thing today) from benchmarking, scraping and task automation to simple advice, consultancy and static HTML & CSS templates.

Imageboard Fullstack Solution for my University

A NodeJS + Express, trAGIC (Anonymous Groups for dIscussions and Collaboration) System. Intended to merge the best of Reddit, Facebook Groups and 4chan systems. The purpose of the system was to challenge myself to create and deploy a full-stack solution, this project won a prize in the Business and Innovation fair at my university; it was a mobile-responsive website deployed over digital ocean using Docker, I don’t longer maintain the repository but the code can be found here, the front-end was made with Vue & Vuetify and can be found here. I built the site in around a month or two so I regrettably hadn’t time to follow best practices and include automated tests.

Emotiv EEG electronics controlled with the ‘mind’

A project I made for a government-funded company, an experiment involving the application of Emotiv Tech to test if a human could be able to control multiple electrical appliances or devices with a real-time EEG scanner, this project was developed using mainly Python, NodeJS and C# .NET

Distributed Home Automation Prototype

I led a small software and electronics team through a project where we were tasked to develop a distributed home automation system prototype for a government-funded organization. The project was made on the prototyping single board computer RPi with embedded NodeJS servers and a Vue front-end, the main node contained a MongoDB NoSQL database and it all ran over GNU/Linux.

Controller and Monitoring system for water tanks

I worked developing a remote control and live feed monitoring system for 9 water tanks meant to preserve the life of aquatic creatures. The prototype was deployed on an Arduino and programmed with C; log capabilities were added through the integration of a server which ran an ASP.NET C# server with MySQL.

Electrolysis Controller, Plotter and Scientific Log

This was my first professional job as a software developer, I developed a C based program for a circuit in charge of applying various electric charges over a pool of chemicals (electrolysis). I was also tasked with the development of C# Desktop Application which controlled said PCB, took readings from the pool over a serial port and stored them on SQLi database for later administration and scientific analysis.

That’s all for now! I’m still developing software aside from my job, but I’m very excited about the professional challenges that await me in the near future. For more info, you may contact me through GitHub or by Email.

Welcome to my blog, cheers!